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Mughlai - variety of meats

all meat dishes are served with basmati rice

41. Karahi Murg
Boneless chicken cooked in onions and pepper sauce

42. Murg Peshawari
Stewed chicken with fresh, oriental herbs, peppers, onions and tomatoes

43. Karahi Gost
Mutton morsels with onion and pepper sauce

44. Karahi Jhinga
Shrimps** cooked in onion and pepers sauce

45. Murg Dopiaza
Boneless chicken with onion sauce

46. Gost Dopiaza
Mutton morsels with onion sauce

47. Jhinga Dopiaza
Shrimps* with onion sauce

48. Murg Vindaloo
Boneless chicken with Vindaloo sauce, vinegar and spices *

49. Gost Vindaloo
Mutton morsels with Vindaloo sauce, vinegar and spices *

50. Jhinga Vindaloo
Shrimps** with Vindaloo sauce, vinegar and spices *

51. Punjabi Kofta
Mutton dumplings with chef's sauce

52. Dilbhar Murg
Chicken cooked in mint sauce

53. Dilbahr Gost
Mutton cooked in mint sauce

54. Devil's Murg
Chicken cooked in devil's sauce *

55. Devil's Gost
Mutton cooked in devil's sauce *

56. Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken with fresh, oriental herbs

57. Murg Curry
Boneless chicken morsels with curry sauce

58. Gost curry
Mutton morsels with curry sauce

59. Murg Makhan Wala
Boneless chicken with cashew nuts, butter and tomatoes

60. Murg Shahi Korma
Boneless chicken with cashew nut sauce and saffron

61. Gost Shahi Korma
Boneless mutton with cashew nut sauce and saffron

62. Jhinga Malai Wala
Shrimps** served with delicate sauce and coconut flour

63. Saag Gost
Boneless mutton morsels with spinach

64. Jhinga Curry
Shrimps** in curry sauce

65. Fish curry
Fish morsels with curry sauce

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